sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010


Ficou até que boa a tradução do Google! Mas se os estrangeiros não entenderem mesmo assim, que vão aprender Português-Turvês!!

Tradução do português para o inglês
in order to entertain them on the Blog, as if waiting for the travel of dapper the world, the blog is not "blog", I thought about passing on a little history gallant. This story that began in March 2005. Had a "pause" of 1 year and landed here in May 2006.

I saw it the first time in reselling autos-motos-sets of the dear friend Toretto Jaca (Jaca Speak there!). I remember that was parked on Avenue Hall (this is because there is only 1 avenue in Turvo-SC), looking forward to the sandwiches were made in "X-Fat.

At the time I was there "aparpar" the car. I liked what I saw because it was a model that did not know before, a certain GRAN COUPE.

I learned (to my happiness) that the noble owner was none other than my dear cumpadre "Suplinésio. I thought to myself: It is now that I buy a V8!

But gone are the days, I returned to "read" and the car stayed there ..... but not forgotten!

Here .............

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